This video accompanied the 2016 Kickstarter campaign for the the Bolted Book facsimile.

The Bolted Book is an inspiration for your bookshelf and your wall. Remove the two bolts and you have 240 fantastic art prints.

CIMA Fellow Raffaele Bedarida introduces Fortunato Depero’s 1927 book Depero Futurista, also known as The Bolted Book. It was on view at the Center for Italian Modern Art as part of CIMA's inaugural exhibition “Fortunato Depero” (February 21–June 28, 2014). 

This video (in Spanish) was made to accompany the exhibition “Futurist Depero 1913–1950” shown at Fundación Juan March in Madrid, Spain, from October 10, 2014, through January 18, 2015.