Re-creating the Bolted Book: This video shows how the Bolted Book Facsimile was created and includes a behind-the-scenes visit with our design and production team. The video accompanies the 2019 Kickstarter campaign for a second printing of the facsimile.

This book is dangerous! One of the first pages in the Bolted Book warns that because of its bolts the book is “dangerous” and “cannot be placed alongside other books.” We've commissioned a custom-designed wood display stand that allows the Bolted Book to be shown face out on a bookshelf or flat on a table, in a way that prevents damage to neighboring books and to tabletops. It's available with the facsimile or on its own on our 2019 Kickstarter.

CIMA Fellow Raffaele Bedarida introduces Fortunato Depero’s 1927 book Depero Futurista, also known as The Bolted Book. It was on view at the Center for Italian Modern Art as part of CIMA's inaugural exhibition “Fortunato Depero” (February 21–June 28, 2014). 

Owners of the Bolted Book Facsimile who supported our original Kickstarter campaign to produce the facsimile (2016) were so delighted that they sent us video featuring their books to spread the word about our 2019 Kickstarter for a second printing,